The Team


With your generous help we aim to raise £8,463, matching the 8463m of Makalu, for SOS Children’s Villages International.

Our core climbing team comprises personnel from all three Services including members of both the regulars and reserves. The Services team are being aided by a team of Nepali Sherpas.

Sherpa are:

Head Sherpa: Nema Sherpa.

Nema has summited Everest 3 times on 7 expeditions. Has supported two of the previous tri-Service expeditions to Makalu. He has also successfully climbed Shishapangma and Kanchenjunga. He is 34 and from Tashigaon.

Pe Chumbi Sherpa

Is 25 and Nema’s youngest brother also from Tashigaon. He has Summited K2, Annapurna1, Makalu, Manaslu, Shishapangma and also been on two Everest expeditions.

Lakpa Sherpa

Lakpa is also 25 and Nema’s nephew. He is also from Tashigaon. Lakpa has been on 11 Everest trips and Summited 6 times. Other successful summits include: Makalu, Kanchenjunga, Cho Oyu, Barunste, Annapurna and Manaslu twice.

Walung Dorjee

Is 24 and younger brother of Lakpa. Has Summited Everest, K2, Dhaulagiri, annapurna1, Barunste and Manaslu four times.

Nema Sherpa

Nema has  summited Makalu five times, Ama Dablam three times, Everest three, Barunste and Lhoste south once. He is 36, from village Nurbu.

Norbu Sherpa

Norbu has summited Ama Dablam twice and also summited Lhoste, Kanchenjunga, Dhaulagiri, Everest and Annapurnal.  He is 35 and from Sedua.

Makalu 2014 Expedition Sherpa

Tri-Service team are:

Expedition Leader: Wing Commander Colin Scott MBE (RAF)

Colin Scott MBE

Colin Scott MBE

Born and educated in Portsmouth, I was introduced to climbing whilst at Portsmouth Grammar School (through the Combined Cadet Force). Early experiences included school climbing trips to north Wales (Snowdonia), the Lake District and Scotland (Cairngorms). Having joined the Royal Air Force as an Air Traffic Controller in 1980 opportunities to further my climbing experience arose through membership of the Royal Air Force Mountaineering Association and a posting to RAF Lossiemouth (Morayshire). In addition, regular climbing expeditions were undertaken to the French and Swiss Alps.

My first experience of climbing in the Himalaya came in 1990 as a member of an RAF-Indian Air Force expedition to Kamet (7756m) in the Garhwal region of India. This was followed by Expeditions to Tilicho Peak (7134m) in 1994 and Ama Dablam (6812m) in 1998. In 2000 I was selected for a Joint Services Expedition to climb the South West Face of Kangchenjunga (8586m), where the team successfully recorded the 2nd British ascent of the route. Expeditions have followed to Makalu, South East Ridge, in 2004, 2008 and 2010 with the most recently expedition being to Mera Peak in 2013.

Outside of mountaineering my interests include cycling and photography. I am a member of the Alpine Club and a Trustee of the Mount Everest Foundation and was awarded the MBE in 2005.

Climbing Leader: Captain Dick Gale (Army)

Climbing Leader. Dick Gale

Climbing Leader. Dick Gale

Dick is currently a Captain in the Royal Engineers serving at HQ British Gurkhas Nepal in Kathmandu. In 1988 Dick went to Chile for 3 months with an Operation Raleigh expedition, where he climbed in the Chilean Lake District and had an introduction to glacier training and ice work on the Southern Patagonia ice cap. Shortly afterwards the Army called, opening up a multitude of possibilities to a keen climber.

Dick has organised and run climbing and mountaineering expeditions worldwide, including Royal Engineers expeditions to Alaska (Denali) and the Nepalese Himalaya (Satopanth 7075m). He has significant experience of the challenges presented by the 8000m peaks having been a member of the Army Everest (West Ridge) team in 2006 and the climbing leader for the Makalu (South East Ridge) expedition in 2008. Operational tours include Afghanistan in 2009.

Dick lives in an old farmhouse in the French Alps, which he is re-building when he isn’t either at work in the UK or climbing or skiing in the Alps. Dick is currently planning an expedition to Everest in 2015 to celebrate the bi-centenary of the Gurkhas.


Equipment: Trooper Chris Andrews (Army Reserve)

Chris was born and educated in Surrey, an inhospitably crag-less part of Britain. As such he spent most of his childhood building and riding mountain-bike trails in the local woods with his older brother. He was introduced to climbing at a young age by being strapped to his father’s back as he climbed at Harrison’s rocks.

After completing his degree in Sport and Exercise Sciences at Exeter University Chris joined the military and immediately began looking for a regular climbing partner. Early alpine experiences included an attempt on the Eiger’s Mittelegi Ridge in the Bernese Oberland with Makalu team mate Gareth Steel.

Further experience has been gained through participation in the Joint Services Alpine Meet and regular private alpine ventures, made possible by the recent acquisition of a van – a post operational tour purchase. Chris has aspirations of developing a career in the mountains over the next few years with a plan to re-study and practice psychology.

Communications: Able Rate Carl Stubbs (Royal Navy)

Carl Stubbs

Communications: Carl Stubbs

Originating from Wigan, Carl was first introduced to mountaineering over a decade ago through the Scouts association. Immediately hooked by the experience Carl continued to develop his passion for mountaineering.

Since joining the Royal Navy in 2005 he has exploited opportunities as a member of the Royal Navy/Royal Marines Mountaineering Club, climbing extensively throughout the UK, the European Alps, the Canadian Rockies and the Peruvian Andes. In 2012 he was a member of the British Services ‘Spirit of Scott’ expedition to the Antarctic Peninsula.

An Aircraft Engineering Technician by branch, Carl has served all of his time attached to 845 Naval Air Squadron, a unit of the Commando Helicopter Force at Royal Naval Air Station Yeovilton. In addition to his home based duties he has completed 3 Arctic Training serials in Norway as well as providing support to helicopter operations during deployment to Afghanistan.

Carl has completed the Arctic Survival Training Course in Norway and holds the service Rock Climbing Instructor and Alpine Mountain Leader awards.

Doctor: Wing commander Jon Naylor (RAF)

Jon Naylor

Doctor: Jon Naylor

I’m 42 and married with 2 children. I’ve been in the RAF since 1991. As an RAF Medical Officer and Consultant Respiratory Physician at MDHU Peterborough, Peterborough City Hospital my day job involves looking after people with lung diseases (such as asthma, COPD, lung cancer, pulmonary fibrosis). My sub-speciality interest is in Aviation and High Altitude Medicine, with links to RAF Clinical Aviation Medicine Service and RAF Centre of Aviation Medicine, RAF Henlow.

I have been a climber since my sixth form at school – initially rock climbing but as the years have gone on I have moved into winter climbing and Alpinism. I have climbed extensively in the UK, Scotland and the Alps; as well as taking part in successful expeditions to Alaska (Mt Denali) and Bolivia (Cordillera Real).

I have training in mountain medicine, including the UIAA Diploma in Mountain Medicine, and experience as an expedition doctor including in Alaska 2001 and more recently Bolivia with the Defence Medical Services Expedition in 2012.

I will be the Expedition Doctor and medical adviser for this expedition and I also hope to be able to carry out medical research – possibly in collaboration with the DMS Medical Expeditions researchers.

In the last few years I have taken part in a lot of ultra-marathons, including the Marathon des Sables in 2009. In 2014 I will be running in a number of 50+ mile races mostly in mountainous regions, with at least one 100 mile race.

Food: Trooper Gareth Steel (Army Reserve)

Gareth Steel

Food: Gareth Steel

I am originally from South-West Scotland and spent a good portion of my formative years exploring the Galloway Forest park, mostly due to absence of smart-phones or the internet.

I have always read a great deal and was inspired at an early age by the tales of characters such as Shackleton, Hillary and Fiennes. A desire to emulate such men led to an early and optimistic application for a place on an expedition to Svalbard. Fortunately someone else dropped out and I soon found myself in the Arctic at the tender age of 16. After one of the most memorable experiences of my life I have been left with a seemingly unquenchable thirst for adventure.

Several years, several adventures and several careers later not much has changed! I’ve been incredibly fortunate to be included in this trip to Makalu and am looking forward to my first 8,000m peak.

Base Camp Manager and Performance Coach: Mr Paul Rafferty

Chip Rafferty

Base Camp manager: Chip Rafferty

Chip spent most of his career in the Army Physical Training Corps coaching and training servicemen in numerous endurance sports as well as delivering Adventurous Training at the Joint Services Mountain Training Centre Ripon.

He now runs MBCUK, a nationally recognised awarding body for mountain bike coach-leader awards which delivers MB courses to the services. Adventurous highlights include climbing leader of the first descent of Lows Gully Borneo, many of the world’s most challenging caves and numerous world mountain ranges including climbing team member on Mt Shishapangma in the Himalayas.

His personal endurance performance over 3 decades has seen achievements which include overall Top 20 Finisher London Marathon, Silver medallist in the Long Course, World Duathlon Championships (Austria) and World Championship Ironman qualifier Canada.